Managing Tech Services Work in the Next Normal

Managing Tech Services Work in the Next Normal

The COVID-19 crisis had disrupted the workforce and drastically impacted the operating model for most enterprises. More than ever, organizations have started prioritizing business process continuity, which translates to accomplishing all tasks remotely without any drop in quality. With face-to-face interactions made redundant, companies are grappling with arriving at the right technology, processes, policies, and management styles that are more suited to the digital way of working in the next normal.

During this pandemic crisis, Infosys, as a company has evolved and reengineered the approach to work. We developed this approach based on a detailed study of nearly 150,000 Infosys workers working over 2,500 projects across geographies including 25,000 project documents and 20,000 work-tickets between August 2019 - August 2020.

This study aimed to understand from teams managing technology services, the following three factors:

  • Ways to customize the perfect hybrid working model
  • The multitudinous ways to improve the productivity of a remote workforce
  • The importance of building a remote yet close work culture
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Managing Tech Services Work in the Next Normal

The Key Findings

Top 4 factors that bumped up productivity levels for remote workers

  • 20% increased utilization of visualization processes like dashboards and accelerators
  • 20 - 30 % incremental usage of multiple development sprints and integrating prototyping for tasks
  • 15-20% more pair programming for on-the-job learning and boosting confidence
  • 25% + infusion of gig-style working
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