Unified Employee Experience – Fireside Chat with Constellation Research and Infosys

We are happy to share our fireside chat with Constellation Research. In this conversation, R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research, and Lax Gopisetty, Infosys discuss what’s happening in the digital transformation space and why it is so important for enterprises to bring Unified Employee Experience to forefront. They also shared their views on how Automation and AI plays an important role in this journey and how tools like Microsoft Viva are not just enablers but building blocks for a truly collaborative organization.

Watch this video to know more about –

  • The real potential of digital transformation can be realized by creating employee experiences that are authentic to their context, throughout their workplace journey.
  • What makes your workforce unique and why it is important to not only enable, but also empower your employees with technologies in their preferred environment.
  • Fostering an agile organizational culture that drives up productivity & profitability and employee engagement for better business outcomes.
  • Keeping a diverse and geographically distributed workforce connected is key for building a human-centric hybrid workplace and tools like Microsoft Viva hold the power to transform employee experiences.