Industry experts view Covid-19 crisis will affect every sector - but it could specifically impact the insurers who possibly can expect a lot of general inquiries and claims across multiple lines, whether that be for health, life or non-life cover. Harmonizing the need for retorting to this inflow of bustle in the contact centers while rapidly converting remote workforce is an area that insurers would need to address.

Infosys ARMS based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is a comprehensive solution for the insurance industry. The platform provides a unified view of the distribution channel, helps manage the opportunity and lead pipeline, enables operational efficiencies, assists in predictive analysis, provides brokers and agents standard and automated processes, and the best collaboration experiences online. It helps manage stakeholder relationships in an integrated manner, ensuring transparency and operational ease providing insurers and customers with all the sales and service support they need. It leverages the Dynamics 365 platform. Key highlights of the solution are-Engaging UI experiences for Users, Brokers, and Agents to be more productive on any device at any time, Pre-configured dashboards and insurance analytics relevant for each stakeholder, Integration Bing maps for operational features ,Pre-configured business processes flows following industry best practices, Collaborative selling with large and small brokers & agents.


Challenges & Solutions

Visibility and insights on market share

Faster response, efficient operations and

Easier adoption, increased productivity, collaboration and enhanced commission rate

Informed decision making, better coverage per premium, high quality, flexible service