ChargeIT is a solution built for EV Charge Point installers allowing them to efficiently manage leads and customers with complete oversight of all installed charge points. The solution connects the charge points to a platform that enables users to monitor and manage the asset health and communication. It also improves sales productivity by reducing the length of the sales cycle with AI processes, lead prioritization and automated streamlined customer communication.

ChargeIT solution is tailored to the specific needs of EV Charge Point installers. The platform is packed with features that address key pain points of high downtime, poor stakeholder collaboration and prolonged quote processes. The pre-configured solution enables EV Charge Point installers to build close relationships with customers, prepare installation sites and remotely troubleshoot any issues.

Built using Microsoft Business Applications, the solution enables scalability and faster deployment aimed at enhancing end-user experience.


For businesses installing charging infrastructure with the aim to accelerate electrification and adapt to increasing number of electric vehicles, ChargeIT is a comprehensive solution bundled to improve lead to quote process time, simplify user experience, enhance Customer experience, with a unique ecosystem to control install-to-maintain process of charge points.

The REF-OR-M ChargeIT Solution offers components for efficient Installation/ maintenance services with Field Service Management, mobility apps for technicians, Customer Self-service, Customer 360 view, Asset 360 view, AI enabled Lead-to-Order Management and Service Request Management for quick resolution of post installation queries, complaints & access to information with powerful Dashboards & Insights.

The solution is built leveraging Microsoft Business Applications to enable scalability with faster deployment focusing on enhanced experience of end customer and user.

Flyer: INFOSYS REF-OR-M ChargeIT Solution


Challenges & Solutions

Real time monitoring of installed assets with custom data model to capture asset history.

Shorter sales cycle with industry specific pre-configured processes and AI.

Analytics to help business development managers make data driven decisions with intuitive UI and end-end process optimization.

Preconfigured templates to streamline customer communications with automated trigger of outbound messages. Customer facing portal with real time updates and well rounder customer insights.