EcoWatch is an intuitive & easy to use cloud platform that addresses functionality across Sustainability planning, ESG reporting, performance management, analytics, and dashboards, reporting and disclosures, stakeholder management, Social & Governance aspects. EcoWatch is a Technology Enabler which facilitates Enterprises to measure, manage & report Sustainability compliance towards future proof business outcomes

The solution is applicable across industries, with sustainable futures being at the core of the offering


EcoWatch offers a robust workflow engine that helps define ESG processes, specify data collection templates, ensure data is audited and validated, and customize how and where the data is published. It offers Industry specific use cases for ESG across Retail, FSI, Manufacturing, Energy & more.


Challenges & Solutions

Collects data from manual updates, sensors and systems, business processes, teams, & departments with Microsoft Business Apps and a workflow engine

Detailed Analytics and performance tracking across KPIs for sustainability and visibility to areas of improvement

Superior experience for teams with Digital Channels for on the go access, mobility and auto fill components, enabling right information to right teams

Superior analysis on applicability of regulations by Geo, location, machine, etc. and auto scheduling of audits and inspection