Infosys Source to Contract is one of the most comprehensive, advanced, and agile contract management solutions for enterprises. It provides custom templates for creating procurement & non-procurement contracts. It enables enterprises to manage various stages of source to contract process with integrated workflows. It meets the need for enterprise scale solutions for creating Sourcing Strategy, Right to Award, Power of Attorney. Built- in approval workflow, integrated with Microsoft Teams for better collaboration.

This solution is realized by leveraging Microsoft Low Code Application Platform and Microsoft’s extended stack. Its composable architecture enables it to sit on top of any core ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or contract execution platform.

Comprehensive, Advanced and Agile Contract Management Solution


Contract Management is an overlooked form of management. For any scale of business, there are various processes for contract management and each organization follows a different SOW. This SOW could be related to identifying vendors, finalizing the material, signing, and renewing the contract, sanctioning the purchase order and more. In all these processes, many a times, there is loss of information that does not gets registered in the business systems resulting in inadequate data for business decisions and no clear understanding on cost incurred or RoI.

Infosys Contract Management Solution has inbuilt automated workflows for initiating any contract process and is integrated with MS Teams for enhanced collaboration. It can be customized as per the requirement and provides enhanced security with Cloud Technology. It is flexible to integrate with master data and contract execution platforms.

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Challenges & Solutions

Fully customized approval workflow, personalized workspace & real time notifications delivered through multiple channels (e.g. Teams, Outlook) allows enterprise users to fast-track the contract creation process.

Guided source to contract creation process allows users to keep track of every contract getting created with stage.

Robust data model provides flexibility in integration with upstream and downstream interfaces.

Integrated dashboard provides summary of all contracts at enterprise scale.

Complete audit history is available to comply with regulatory requirements.