Streamlines Clinical Trials supply chain leveraging D365 for Operations

The COVID-19 crisis has brought to the fore, an unprecedented challenge for global enterprises. Public health, finances and day-to-day life have been severely impacted. The world is looking up to health care professionals and pharma industry for quicker testing and results for accelerating the time to market for life saving drugs. Pharma industry is in dire need of tools to overhaul the entire supply value chain for an substantial gain in efficiencies with strong focus on accelerating the development of therapeutics and vaccines.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations based CTSM (Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management) solution helps biotechnology and pharma companies and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) manage their supply chain activities in clinical trials. With timely and accurate supply of drugs to patient sites at optimum cost, it improves overall control while ensuring compliance with regulations and goods manufacturing practices (GMP). Key industry challenges such as lack of visibility in supply chain, uncertainty in demand, meeting regulatory requirements and site and integration management with CROs, are managed efficiently. Infosys CTSM solution on Dynamics 365 for Operations provides an intuitive user interface similar to Microsoft office applications ensuring rapid user adoption while taking advantage of robust backend analytics tools. It leverages the project management module in Dynamics 365 for Operations to have a tight integration with financials. Key features of Infosys Dynamics CTSM are - Protocol definition, Demand calculation for trial sites, Batch and shelf life management, Batch production and Formulae, Compliance to CFR part 11 related regulatory and security aspects, facilitating randomization and blinding, ability to validate country wise restriction for drugs etc.


Challenges & Solutions

Connects supply chain with external entities

Higher manufacturing and warehousing efficiency & transparent budget planning

Quality and regulatory controls, end-to-end IoT tracking

End-to-end visibility and responsiveness to demand changes