Across the globe, enterprises are struggling to maintain business continuity. In this era of ‘new normal’, enterprises need their IT systems to be agile, flexible and robust to face the challenges experienced during these unprecedented times. Major setbacks are faced by the enterprises running their critical workloads on Mainframe systems. These systems are highly complex and monolithic in nature and are inflexible to adapt to the changing business needs. In addition to this, maintaining the Mainframe ecosystem is very expensive and shortage of skill-sets can also lead to potential operational risks in near future.

Infosys helps enterprises overcome all these obstacles in a non-disruptive way and optimize IT operational costs with its A.R.T. framework for Mainframe Modernization. We provide various offerings as part of this framework to meet customer requirements.

Infosys A.R.T. Framework for Mainframe Modernization


Content Acquisition and ingestion
Agility & Cost Savings
  • Optimization
  • Rehosting
  • Decommissioning


Content Acquisition and ingestion
Digital Ready Applications
  • API Enablement and Management
  • DevOps
  • Batch Offloading
  • zAnalytics


Content Acquisition and ingestion
Next-gen Architecture
  • Rules Harvesting
  • Re-engineer to Open Source Platform
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Database Migration

Infosys Knowledge Curation Platform