UiPath is a leading enterprise automation software vendor that helps organizations efficiently automate business processes. UiPath has a vision to deliver the fully automated enterprise™ where companies use automation to unlock their creativity and full potential of every worker. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to digitally transform its business. Deployable anywhere, i.e. on-premise, or across public/ private/ hybrid cloud, as well as through a SaaS model, UiPath software robots emulate people, and enables customers to:

  • Discover what to automate
  • Build, manage and run robots
  • Engage, measure and govern users

For more information visit UiPath’s website: https://www.uipath.com/

Infosys entered an alliance with UiPath in 2018, and is a Diamond Global Partner with them, with a wide spread of certified talent across geographies.

The partnership entails advantages for clients with:

  • 3,500+ UiPath certified/experienced staff
  • Access to UiPath partner support providing ticket-based priority product support
  • Need based access to UiPath experts
  • Infosys is a global reseller of UiPath licenses and can offer exclusive discounts

Collaborative delivery excellence

  • Infosys possesses years of delivery experience and had been collaborating with UiPath since the alliance was formed ensuring a win-win for clients, UiPath and Infosys
  • Infosys has access to product road maps and new feature details on priority
  • Infosys is helping clients in their end to end automation journey leveraging the UiPath stack of offerings to:


Discover what to automate with process mining powered by AI

  • Process Mining
  • Task Capture
  • Automation Hub
  • Task Mining


Professional developers, citizen developers, and employees create automations

  • StudioX
  • Studio
  • Document Understanding


Securely deploy and manage automations from anywhere, at scale

  • Orchestrator
  • Automation Cloud
  • AI Fabric
  • Test Suite


Robots work with your applications and your people to carry out automations

  • Robots – Unattended, Unattended, and Hybrid


People and robots work together to automate complete processes

  • Action Center
  • Chatbots


Embedded analytics give you deep insights into business metrics, not just robot metrics

  • Insights

Access to knowledge Base

  • Infosys has access to UiPath Knowledge base all the time
  • Regular partner enablement programs and access to all training programs in UiPath Academy ensuring Infosys resources are up to date to address all client requirements
  • Participation in UiPath Labs and Hackathon programs enable regular and hands on knowledge of the tools

Joint Solutions and Offerings

Transforming SAP Process and Test Automation
Read on to learn how AI-Powered UiPath Business Process Automation Platform and Infosys Cognitive Automation Studio together are transforming SAP Process and Test Automation.

Transforming Contact Centers to Being Resilient: With AI and Automation
Organizations understand the importance of contact centers as a vital connect between the enterprise and their customers. They often go beyond providing only customer support, to customer retention, acquisition, and business growth. This makes it an imperative to continuously enhance contact centers to address critical business needs. Explore this joint-offering to learn how Infosys and UiPath can help enterprises be resilient by transforming their Contact Centers.

Enterprise Test Automation
The SAP HANA adoption by enterprise customers is moving to an accelerated phase, requiring fast-tracked testing and validation of applications being migrated, and relevant use cases. Infosys has developed accelerated testing solutions leveraging UiPath RPA.

Other Highlights

Here are some other highlights from this partnership:

Helping clients succeed:

Accelerating Intelligent Automation for Enterprises:


Infosys and UiPath have partnered through UiPath’s annual customer and partner gathering - “FORWARD”, as well as for custom events, year on year, including: