E-RACE is a 4-Part conversation series initiating meaningful dialogue about racism, bias and inclusion hosted by the iBELIEVE (Infosys Black Employees, Leading in Excellence, Vision and Equity) ERG Council and Americas Diversity & Inclusion.

We will kick-off the E-RACE series on the commemoration date of the Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a Dream” speech by acknowledging those who are personally impacted by listening and engaging in unfiltered conversations with an open mind and an open heart.

Part 1 - Hear me

Candid dialogue with Leadership on Black Lives Matter and Diversity & Inclusion

Part 2 - Stand by me

Allyship and Intersectionality- How to become an authentic ally by recognizing and honoring full identities

Part 3 - In my Shoes

Addressing systemic racism through structural inclusion. How to identify, tackle and improve the workplace.

As we strive to bring about behavioral changes to drive systemic inclusion; awareness coupled with key strategic actions will be necessary.

Conversation 3 continues the conversation with industry experts and leaders providing a unique perspective on immediate actions, best practices, and structural improvements that will help convey the fundamental mission of a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.

Part 4 - Actions Speak Louder

Dr. James Pogue, educator, consultant, and executive coach, facilitates the conversation with executive leaders within the Infosys organization. This discussion addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Leaders discuss what metrics, goals and accountability are being driven from the top and how Infosys will infuse a sense of action and urgency into the attraction, hiring and retention process of its diverse workforce. The discussion is part of an ongoing dialogue to help drive a sustainable diversity strategy and ensure continuity to pave the path forward.