Inspiring Women

This year, we highlight the stories of the amazing women who make up this organisation, so every day is a celebration of Women’s Day. Watch the stories of our #InspiringWomen Infoscions.

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Women in Technology

  • AI-Based Coaching
  • Leveraging AI based structured developmental support to high-potential women provided a fillip to our Women in Technology.

  • Restart with Infosys
  • Focuses on bringing back women on career breaks. The program is supported by skilling, real-life project experiences and mentoring.

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  • Women in Leadership

Infosys Leadership Institute is focused on strengthening gender diversity in the organization through its Women in Leadership interventions

  • Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship programs in business units enable the identification and purposeful development of women to strengthen the talent pipeline of leaders in business

  • Women of Infy

A special column on the Infosys Intranet continues to share journeys of inspiration of women at Infosys

Return to Work post Maternity

A strong Return to Work post Maternity program has ensured a whopping 89% women return to work post maternity.

  • Infosys’ Maternity Handbook
  • Infosys Maternity Handbook provides women the support they require to navigate an important life stage successfully.

  • The Infy Me App
  • Infosys’ new digital experience landscape for employees has a service called iMother, designed to help women stay connected, relevant and inspired during this important stage of their personal and professional lives.

  • Mom’s Net
  • A formal integration space for returning mothers, known as Mom’s Net, provides well-appointed workstations, interaction spaces and lactation rooms –ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for the integration.

  • The Family Matters
  • With growing demands in areas of both work and family, there is a need for networks at the workplace for employees to connect and share and leverage the support of their peers and colleagues. The FamilyMatters forum focuses on interactions with experts to strengthen learning and awareness on a variety of topics from childcare, parenting, relationships, family health and wellness and more.

  • Childcare Facilities
  • Infosys offers a host of options for childcare from inhouse facilities on campus, to proximity tie ups and even network options for parents preferring childcare support close to their homes.

IWIN (Infosys Women’s Inclusivity Network)

The leadership vision is to promote a gender sensitive and inclusive work environment in its offices world over. Based on this vision, (IWIN) has 3 Key imperatives:

  • Create a gender sensitive and inclusive work environment, thereby making Infosys the employer of choice by women.
  • Help women in their career lifecycles through support groups and policies, thereby enhancing retention.
  • Develop women for managerial and leadership roles, thereby maintaining gender ratios at all levels in the organization.

International Women’s Day celebrations 2020

International Women’s Day 2020 was celebrated across Infosys worldwide. The UN Theme “Each for Equal” focused on building equitable workplaces that allow everyone to realize their full potential. Celebrations included panel discussions; client interactions and participation, health, fitness and self- defense sessions, stories of inspiring women, blogging contests, learning sessions, the ‘Gracias’ badges and leadership talks.

IWD 2021 Celebrations- #ChooseToChallenge

The theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 is #ChoosetoChallenge. Choose to Challenge is envisaged as an inclusive campaign that calls attention to preferences, behavior and action that we demonstrate in the various situations and contexts that we navigate every day. It invites a deeper reflection into the ‘whys’ of action or inaction, as the case may be, and urges us to consider a different approach. An approach that will challenge the status quo ‘positively’ thereby facilitating an unravelling of intent, behavior and action in a way that will inform and guide our everyday as we navigate a larger ‘purpose’ with ‘conscience

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Community initiatives

Women Wizards Rule Technology (W2RT): We partnered National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) in conceptualizing and rolling out the Women Wizards Rule Technology(W2RT) initiative for skilling 10,000 women in new and emerging technologies for India. Experts and mentors from Infosys will also be a part of this one-of-a-kind national skilling effort.

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  • Declared one of the Best Companies for Women in India and ranked #1 for Anti-Sexual Harassment practices among 357companies in India, by Working Mother & Avtar
  • Infosys BPM won the AccelHERate 2020 and DivHERsity awards in three categories: Top 5 Most Innovative Practices – Women L&D Programs (Large Enterprises); Top 20 companies in DivHERsity (Large Enterprises); and Top 20 Most Innovative Practices – Women Leadership Development (Large Enterprises)
  • Winner at the 2019 ISG Paragon Awards Americas (category: Women in Technology)
  • Champion of Inclusion in the first edition of Working Mother & Avtar Most Inclusive Companies in India (MICI) Index 2019

IWD at Infosys