Create your own story

Create your own story

We all have a story to tell

We all have a story to tell. A story of dreams, hope, friendship, hardships, success , failures and every story is worth telling.

Being a part of middle class family I ‘ve grown up learning the value of “Less is more”. Since ,childhood I was very interested in Science and I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Telecommunication. In a joint family with ten cousin’s I‘ve been the first girl & and a individual to pursue bachelor’s degree and enter into IT sector. I am really blessed to have such parents who pushed so hard to help me fulfill my dreams.

Being a part of middle class family I ‘ve grown up learning the value of  “Less is more”
After joining Infosys understanding and building good rapport

After joining Infosys understanding and building good rapport, earning client trust within a small time span has been a greatest achievement for me. I ‘ve received several tokens of appreciation for quick learner, meeting client expectations, quick turnarounds, prompt responses. I am grateful to my manager and team who has been really supportive in every aspect. I recently received Insta Award and was featured as a winner for Mother’s Day Mom Art contest winner. I was also featured for my initiatives on World Environment Day @Pune DC.

A typical corporate day starts at 9am and ends by 6pm.What makes your today different from yesterday ?

The start of the lockdown triggered a wave of distress for me. I was stuck in Pune , away from my family when the first lockdown was announced. I was hesitant to talk about my state of mind .I thought of transforming all the negative energy into something productive . I created my Instagram Art Page and named it as

“Littlespaceofhappiness”. I made couple of thankyou cards for a online campaign “Donate a card” to address our sincere gratitude to all frontend warriors.I even made custom orders during lockdown and was very grateful to hear the customer feedback. Since than I ‘ve been learning many art forms.

Believe Inspire Create
One thing at a time

The art of doing “ One thing at a time “ helps me a lot to balance between professional and personal life. Life will always be a circus of up’s and down’s we need to decide what’s important for us in that moment.

My father once told me God helps those who help themselves. The most important advise and lesson learnt is Life is a Rollercoaster. No one is coming to save you .You got to have your back .Just hold tight and trust yourself. The moment you think of giving up just recall why you started ? You ‘ve all what it takes just don’t give up. Stay Strong!!!!

My father once told me God helps those who help themselves
Who Says

For all the ladies here I would like to dedicate few lines from a song “Who Says“ by Selena Gomez.

You ‘ve got every right

To a beautiful life

Who says you ‘re not perfect

Who says you ‘re not worth it

Who says you ‘re the only one that’s hurting

Trust me

That’s the price of beauty

Who says you’re not pretty

Who says you ‘re not beautiful

Who says????

Richa Mehra

Senior Associate Consultant



Richa Mehra