Start Today!!!

Start Today!!!

Preethi Rajkumar

My name is Preethi Rajkumar. I am a Lead Java Developer here at Infy. My childhood was a bit tricky to think back. I was grown up by my single parent mother. I had a small sister who we lost at her age of 5 in an accident. My mother is always an inspiring lady. She completed her 10th and 12th grade when I was 15 yrs old. She then did her graduation in BBA, MBA and owns a business now. My grandfather is the one who supported me throughout my studies. I have spent most of my years living in hostel which in turn made me lead an independent life.

It’s been a year I joined Infy and I have got the best team and managers ever. I enjoy my work at Infy. The nature of work here is different from what I have seen over the years. I hear a wonderful mantra from all my leaders here “don’t overburden yourself, don’t work for extended hours always do smart and quality work” which is so matured and so powerful to hear.

One of my best accomplishments is I quickly mingled into my team, and they trust me on anything I do here. They all value my suggestions including the client.

I love to drive car

Out of my work, I love to drive car. It gives so much energy to me. Just for taking a drive all my homework will be completed asap for the day. Also, oil painting and learning to play piano are my other passions too. Hear to your favorite music one of the best energizers trust me!!

Being a mother of two kids (8yrs and 3 yrs old boys), I learned the importance of spending quality time with family. I blocked my calendar between 6 and 8PM for my kids and this will not be skipped for any reason. On the other hand, I allocate additional hours for work whenever required. Its all about the energy I gain by doing something I like. My husband is so supportive in all that I do which in turn is a great blessing.

My elder son is a special kid who is slightly autistic

My elder son is a special kid who is slightly autistic. He struggles to socially interact and communicate his needs. It’s a trick to gain an inner positive attitude that will make us mentally balanced. With that first I understood the poor, good and better sides of me. And Now I feel I’m the strongest mother, wife, friend, and a woman that I am today! My job which I love doing inspires me to keep going especially with Infy.

Women should start to act and take the freedom on their own. The point of starting means a lot rather than talking to people on what we are about to start. It can be a job or driving or doing some extracurricular activities or could be anything. Start today!! Give respect, no anger, share/give to the needy people. Do something that is passionate/close to your heart. That will make you keep going.

I wish all the women wonderful and colorful years to achieve in their own way!!!

Preethi Rajkumar
Technology Lead