Sustainable partnerships for future-ready talent

Sustainable partnerships for future-ready talent

"India is slated to become the world’s youngest nation by 2022. While this provides a huge reservoir of manpower, it also draws unprecedented focus towards making this talent pool employable."

– India Skills Report 2016

India produces a substantial number of engineering and technical graduates. However, there is a curriculum gap that prevents these graduates from being industry-ready. This has been a cause for concern, especially for the IT and ITeS sector for more than a decade. Infosys identified this potential threat to the industry early on in its journey and decided to take action.

Infosys launched the Campus Connect (CC) program in 2004. It is a focused industry-academia program that aims to reduce the skill gap through grassroots academic interventions. This is a holistic program that covers the entire academic ecosystem – students, faculty, and curriculum development. We have built sustainable partnerships with over 300 engineering institutions in India to produce ‘industry-ready’ recruits. We share with academia our expertise, methods and learning resources in technology training that have been developed, practiced and perfected for more than 20 years.

To align academic curriculum to industry requirements, we implement several sub-programs.

Foundation Program

The Foundation Program (FP) aligns technical competency to a student's individual needs by providing a unique set of learning aids and consolidated training material that comprises real-life case studies, insights into the application of technology, and projects to work on. This goes a long way in ensuring that the students are industry-ready. The courseware is published on our portal and is accessible to all member colleges.

Faculty enablement program

Enriching the faculty’s knowledge, based on the latest tools and the application of technology in the industry, ensures effective student learning. The faculty enablement program brings Infosys’ education experiences to the faculty.

Through the program we share the ‘Infosys way’ of professional training and best practices from the industry that augment the faculty’s skill and knowledge through best-in-class facilitation and practitioner experiences. The program introduces the faculty to technical and soft skills courses and our Campus Connect teaching methodology. These assist the faculty in rolling out the Campus Connect program in their respective institutions.

Soft skills program

Readying professionals not only takes technology skills, but soft skills too. As industries become global, behavioral skills become more important than ever. Our Soft Skills Program aims to groom students to adapt to a corporate work culture. Through the soft skills program, students acquire behavioral skills, including strong communication skills, that stand them in good stead when it is time for them to enter the workforce.

Industry visits with students

Taking this a step further, we ensure that students feel confident to ‘hit the ground running’ when they join the workforce. Industry visits expose students to the practical aspects of working life and customer delivery.

Student faculty groups from several engineering disciplines visit the Infosys Development Centers to experience first-hand the corporate work culture, the corporate learning environment, services offered to global customers, and to learn leading-edge technologies through short lectures.

Train the Trainer and Deep Dive Technology programs

Train the Trainer (TTT) Program covers industry-oriented topics and trends for faculty. The TTT is the ideal setting for faculty to interact with subject matter experts, and impart the knowledge acquired to their students.

The Deep Dive Technology Program comprises technical workshops for the faculty of engineering institutions, conducted at the Infosys campus. It involves team discussions and analysis of real life case studies / projects.

Faculty sabbaticals

Campus Connect sponsors sabbaticals for faculty, involving them in projects at the Infosys Development Centers. This helps expose the faculty to real-life project experiences and interactions with customers. The knowledge gained is expected to be then shared with students.

3,70,000+ students made industry-ready.

13,000+ faculty members enriched.

Campus Connect also organizes contests, conclaves and regional meetings with partner institutions, to ensure that the industry and academia keep in touch through the year.