Employer of choice

Infosys is consistently recognized as a preferred employer across geographies.

Infosys certified as Top Employer in Europe, APAC and Middle East

2020 marks the third consecutive year that Infosys has been certified as a Top Employer. This year is even more significant as we were certified across key markets in Europe, the Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Middle East. We strengthened our position, with Top 10 rankings in key countries as well.

The Top Employer journey began three years ago, with certification in five countries across Europe in the first year and five more in the subsequent year. By the third year, we expanded our footprint to three continents and 13 countries. This includes seven countries in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK) and 3 countries in APAC (Australia, Singapore and Japan). 2020 is also the second year in a row that Infosys has been awarded the accreditation in the Middle East.

The assessment by Top Employer was spread over four months, starting with a survey of 600 HR practices across 10 talent themes, followed by in-depth country assessments and validation through independent audits. This year, the certification theme was ‘Creating a Better World of Work’ and we had the opportunity to benchmark our HR practices with other companies across industries. The final certification is a testament to the significant investments we have made in our people practices across the key regions and incrementally improve our work environment through focused HR interventions.

Infosys USA as a Great Place to Work For

The title of ‘Great Place to Work For’ was conferred to Infosys USA after validating employee feedback and using a data-driven methodology to confirm that employees have a steadily positive experience at the Company. This is the first time that Infosys USA has pursued an external certification, emphasizing the Company’s strategic commitment to its localization strategy in North America and to delivering the highest level of employee experience through best-in-class people policies and practices.