An equal opportunity employer


At Infosys, we aim to create an inclusive workplace and leverage the power of diversity for a sustainable competitive advantage, enabling employees to participate, develop and contribute freely and equitably. We are committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. We do not discriminate or allow harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetic information, military status or any other legally protected status.

Infosys is a signatory to the UNGC and supports the protection and elevation of human rights in accordance with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (the ILO Declaration). To achieve this, we have a strong and well-articulated Code of Conduct and Ethics, communicated to employees worldwide. Equal opportunity and fair treatment are an essential part of this Code. Our Human Rights Statement provides a broad framework to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity and ensure that we do not condone human rights violations or abuses.

Towards Higher Women Participation:

Infosys has 38% women in the workforce and 25% in non- executive board. Infosys also has 10% women in holding various leadership positions.

To increase the participation of women we have adopted a multi-pronged approach. Our Women in Technology platform focuses on women’s career and their aspiration by providing them learning, skilling and mentoring opportunities. One such intervention is in partnership with NASSCOM known as Women Wizards Rule Tech where Infosys has sponsored 400 women to the second cohort of skilling 10,000 women in new and emerging technologies.

Restart Her focuses on bringing back those women to the workforce who had taken career breaks. The program is supported by mentoring, skilling and real-life project experiences to strengthen the confidence of women returning to pursue their career aspirations.

Return to Work post Maternity is supported by strong policies and practices that focus on integrating women back from maternity leave, enabling them to pursue their careers in their areas of specialization.

The Maternity Handbook articulates our promise to provide a considerate and enabling ecosystem to women before and during the maternity phase and on their return to work post the maternity. The Manager’s Guide is a tool for managers which complements our commitments made in the Maternity Handbook and provides the manager with information on enablers and processes to facilitate this integration effectively. The Infy Me app, Infosys’ new digital experience landscape for employees has a service called iMother, designed to help women stay connected, relevant and inspired during this important stage of their personal and professional lives. A formal integration space for returning mothers, known as Mom’s Net, provides well-appointed workstations, interaction spaces and lactation rooms – ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for the integration. The Family Matters forum touches aspects of parenting, relationship, emotional and psychological well-being of parents and their children


As signatories to the UN LGBTI Charter for Business, Infosys has committed to be an inclusive workplace for members of the LGBTI+ community. The iPride Employee Resource Group provides the support framework to institutionalize policies and practices within the organization that helps create a safe and respectful work environment for employees from the community. To foster inclusion, Infosys introduced insurance policies for coverage of same sex partners, sex-reassignment surgeries and mental wellness. We also brought in the gender neutral washrooms in all our development centers across India. To create a culture of appreciation for all we host learning series, celebrate important milestones and shared personal stories through human libraries and blogs. Interviews with experts and famous personalities from the community is hosted on InfyTV and Lex learning platform.

Employees with disabilities:

We understand that accessibility and workplace adjustments are at the heart of an inclusive workplace ecosystem. We focus our interventions across hiring, retention and growth to go beyond accommodation to addressing the aspirations of our employees with disabilities. Infyability is our Employee Resource Group for our employees with disabilities. It runs campaigns to raise awareness among employees and contributes to the design of the Company’s disability inclusion strategy. Infosys Australia has been successfully certified as a Disability Confident Recruiter by Australian Network on Disability (AND). We have 379 persons with disabilities (employees who have voluntarily disclosed their disabilities)