Family Matters

Family Matters

With growing demands in areas of both work and family, especially with people moving from being single income households to dual income ones, there is a need for support networks at the workplace for employees to connect and share their concerns. Specifically, to meet challenges that are unique to new parents, would - be parents, single parents, parents who live away from their extended families, first-time parents, etc. Hence Infosys formed the Family Matters network to address needs of support, bonding and conduct sessions on various topics on parenting and child care, health and wellness as well as strengthening relationships between spouses.

The Family Matters circles aims to connect, bond, share and help each member overcome difficult circumstances and allow space for personal conversations at the workplace with assured confidentiality.

The Family Matters network is broadly classified into the following circles:

Family Matters

Under about the circles:

Dependent Care - Juggling between aging parents/ dependents and a project deadline often puts extreme pressure on an individual. We understand the employees’ need to seek help to do justice to both roles. Employees who are a part of this circle will help each other by sharing details on support systems available for dependent care, assisting with knowledge share on various policies etc.,

Single Parents – Parenting is quite a challenge and more so for those who are single. Employees who are a part of this circle will help each other by sharing details on support systems available for child care, emergency management, etc.,

Parents with Children Below the Age of 3 – Parents with young children face a challenging environment both at home and at work. It is also a crucial period of development of the child’s fine motor skills. While the toddler is yet to start pre-school, it is increasingly important for parents to spend as much time without compromising on work commitments. Employees can come together as a part of this circle to help each other achieve a work-life balance.

Parents with Special Children – These parents often battle with internal conflicts and strive to change the attitudes of others in the society towards their children. Employees in this forum can come together and discuss their challenges and help each other with knowledge on support systems, inclusive schools etc.,

Parents with Teenage Kids – While teenagers excitedly go about discovering their individuality, trying to take important life changing decisions, life isn’t exactly a cake walk for their parents. This forum helps parents of teenage kids connect and share ideas and perspectives thereby coming up with creative solutions in parenting their teenagers. It is also the ideal forum to connect and understand the available career tracks and opportunities for their children.

Adoptive Parents – Adoption of a child can be an overwhelming experience – the rigid legal framework, battling emotions, inconsiderate societal taboos and the incessant wait to finally bring your child home. It is quite stressful. However, there are parents at Infosys who have successfully adopted their child/ children and can be quite helpful in easing anxieties of colleagues, who are going through the same process.

Relationship between Spouse – It is important for new age parents to understand the need of "Co - Parenting" Each parent plays a distinct and important role in children's well-being and its significant to work for that.

Health and Wellness – Good health is of paramount importance for any family's well-being. In today's era when both spouses are working there is a need to dedicate some time to fitness.
We realize the importance of healthy employees and help them and their families lead a happy lifestyle through sessions by nutritionist, doctors and other experts.