Stay Connected, Stay Relevant, Stay Inspired


iMother’ services launched with InfyMe on the occasion of International Women’s Day, this year.

iMother is a smart app which is a one stop shop for all employees proceeding or returning back from Maternity, with the basic objective to ensure employees - ‘Stay Connected, Stay Relevant, Stay Inspired’.

iMother services allow you to help you navigate through the entire spectrum of applications and various enablers that ensure that work life balance can be attained during this phase.

Stay Connected

Application of maternity leave, information like policies, enablers, health tips, insurance and claims. Now stay abreast of happenings in the organization – news, business updates, blogs and a whole lot more through InfyMe!

Stay Relevant

LEX onboarding kit for returning mothers will help you get familiar with the learning landscape and chart your journey to support your integration back at work. Accelerate provides the boost to be productive from day 1 of you joining back.

Stay Inspired

This will provide you insights into experiences of other women, blogs, videos and inspiration that will help you in your own transition story.