Resolution Hubs

Resolution Hubs

Infosys is committed to providing a safe and positive work environment. In keeping with this philosophy, the organization envisages an open-door policy. Employees also have access to several forums where they can highlight matters or concerns faced at the workplace. This is achieved through a well-established and robust grievance resolution mechanism comprising ‘resolution hubs.’

Resolution hubs adhere to the principles of natural justice, confidentiality, sensitivity, non-retaliation and fairness while addressing concerns. The concerns are handled with a lot of sensitivity, while delivering timely action and closure. A detailed investigation process ensures fairness for all involved, with an opportunity to present facts and any material evidence.

Resolution Hubs at Infosys include


HEAR is a forum that fosters healthy employee relations by giving our employees a neutral platform ‘to be heard’ and in building the ‘speak- up culture’. The HEAR network consists of 40 global hubs that have the expertise to manage employee concerns and includes 300 partners from business.

An employee can raise a complaint on the HEAR Webapp or Infy Me mobile application. There is also the email ID to write to. The grievance redressal team adheres to strict SLAs including 24 hours to acknowledge receiving a complaint from an employee and 21 calendar days for closure of the issue. The Corporate HEAR forum presents its report to the Audit Committee of the Board every quarter

Anti-Sexual Harassment Initiative (ASHI)

The Company’s assurance to its employees towards providing a harassment-free workplace is reflected in our key initiative, ASHI (Anti-Sexual Harassment Initiative). As per the Act in India, the Company has constituted Internal Committee (“IC”) in all the Development Centers of the Company across India, for redressal of sexual harassment related matters reported by women employees.

We also have a strong governance mechanism in the form of GRB (Grievance Redressal Body), to define, interpret and implement the ASHI initiative and is accountable for administering the policy centrally. GRB comprises of External Members, Internal senior members, and the Investigative Council. We follow a gender-neutral approach in redressal of all such complaints.

Upon receiving a sexual harassment complaint, an immediate acknowledgement is sent to the complainant and the complainant is contacted within 24 hours, before it is taken up for a formal redressal process in line with the POSH Act and company’s policy on Anti-Harassment. We have stringent internal timelines of 45 days for closure of such concerns.

Complaints received are classified and appropriate disciplinary action is taken ranging from a warning to termination of employment, as the case may be.

Extending the initiative to contract staff

Our commitment to a positive and safe working environment is not restricted only to our employees, but also our suppliers, who provide services in our campuses. Towards this endeavor, we conduct mandatory sessions on the ASHI and the grievance redressal processes. These sessions are covered in nine vernacular languages currently. Emergency/Safety cards with important contact numbers are also handed over to all Infosys employees and employees of such suppliers. In addition to this, we have also placed complaint boxes at designated buildings within campuses to enable anyone to raise written complaints, conveniently. With respect to workplace grievances impacting a positive work environment, the Company accepts and acknowledges concerns from employees/contractors/ anonymous parties. Such grievances undergo a neutral review in line with the principles of natural justice.

Whistleblower Policy

We framed the Whistleblower Policy to enable stakeholders to raise concerns regarding any potential violations involving financial irregularities/breach of Infosys’ policies or applicable laws – easily and without any fear of retaliation. The complaints received under the ambit of this policy are reviewed independently, while ensuring anonymity and confidentiality.