Special Abilities

Building at Inclusive Work Culture

Special Abilities

At Infosys, we believe that every employee has unique abilities and can contribute to their fullest if provided the right platform.

In a bold and definite step towards integrating people with disability into mainstream society, we founded Business Disability International (bdi) in 2011, a not-for-profit social enterprise, in partnership with other like-minded corporations such as Barclays and GSK, to pioneer a new conversation between businesses, people with disabilities and the society at large. The objective of bdi is to enable organizations to become ‘disability-confident’.

The team at Infosys Australia has also been certified as a “Disability Confident Recruiter” by Australian Network on Disability (AND).

Infosys also funded a special National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) Center in Chickbalapur, Karnataka. This is the first NDLM center in South India for people with disability, launched in association with NASSCOM Foundation. This center is fully equipped with desktops and laptops with the latest accessibility tools like Job Access with Speech (JAWS), speakers, microphones, power Braille’s Braille keyboards and Braille embosser (printer). The centre also has sign language interpreters to support the training process. The basic premise of the center is to make the NDLM scheme inclusive and accessible to all. 500+ people have been trained through this centre so far.

Additionally, Infosys has been involved in the creation and delivery of specific Skill Development Programs for unemployed graduates with disability in various tier two and tier three towns. Nine batches have been trained in the last three years, covering over 300 candidates with disability, in collaboration with our NGO Partners, to increase their employability. 60% of candidates from these training programs have been placed in organizations like Accenture, Mphasis; Telegu Matrimony etc.

Practice Guidelines to support integration of employees with disabilities -The practice guidelines help in sensitizing, informing and enabling various stakeholders including employees with disabilities, their managers and co-workers and enabling functioning’s such as Human Resource, Facilities and Infrastructure Transport, Technology Support team and the Legal team to address disability at the workplace more effectively. It is intended to enable stakeholders make informed choices in their line of duty toward building an inclusive work environment. Also to adopt formal expressions of commitment and intent related to the recruitment, hiring, retention, and advancement of individuals with disabilities.

Infyability is an Employee Resource Group for employees with disability that aims to create a safe, accessible and inclusive work environment. It addresses specific needs towards the recruitment, development, engagement, growth, and retention of employees with disability by promoting an inclusive workplace where skills and knowledge of each employee are valued and respected. It also runs campaigns to raise awareness among employees and contributes to the design of the Company’s disability inclusion strategy.

A special series of courses on ‘Digital Accessibility’ on LEX’ has been launched for our engineers. We hope this will allow us to strengthen efforts in making our solutions digitally accessible going forward.