Samarpan Supports Infosys foundation

The Samarpan team supports several initiatives of the Infosys foundation since 2010. Here are few of the project highlights:

  • Parishudha, an initiative to build cleaner villages with an objective to build 10,000 toilets in Hyderabad and the state of Karnataka. The Samarpan team actively volunteered in spreading awareness about the need for toilets among the villagers by visiting individual homes and schools
  • Pavagada, a drought relief program that provided support through creation of fodder banks, supply of drinking water to rural households and rejuvenation of ponds in forests
  • Participation in disaster relief operations during floods and cyclones occurring in Chennai and Kerala. During the Gaja cyclone relief operation, Infosys employees travelled over a period of two days to Nagapattinam to distribute relief materials for the victims. Five trucks of relief material worth INR 6 million were distributed in Dec 2018
  • Support to the Bone Marrow Registry initiative of the Bangalore Medical College with Samarpan teams conducting an awareness program in the Infosys campus and enabling the registration of 528 employees into the program
  • Distribution of buttermilk during summer to patients at the Kidwai and Victoria hospital from March to May 2019 for nearly 8 weekends
  • From July 2019, the Samarpan team will be supporting a project called the “Green – Belt” aimed at building and nurturing cyclone resistant plantations at Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu to reduce the damage caused by cyclones . This initiative is funded by Infosys Foundation and executed by Ramakrishna Sevashrama
Samarpan Supports Infosys foundation