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Brand & Creative Services

Generations, culture, and markets are evolving at such an accelerated pace that it is increasingly tough for brands to stay relevant. Infosys Aster has a strong creative and brand service foundation led by our globally-award winning digital innovation agency, WongDoody. Experience the latest in immersive brand experience, revolutionary AI-fueled creative services and cutting-edge design to drive competitive advantage. WongDoody is a proven global partner with over 350 global awards, 20+ design studios, and a team of 15,000+ designers, creatives, strategists, and marketers.

Experience Design

Experience Design

Infosys Aster cultivates lasting connections with WongDoody’s human experience design approach. By delving deep, conducting user research, and crafting intricate journey maps these capabilities uncover target audiences’ deeper motivations and aspirations. It elevates the brand, captivates audiences with experiences that transcend functionality, and delivers emotionally engaging, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly effective engagement.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experiences

Break through the limitations of the screen with Infosys Aster’s immersive experiences. Utilizing advanced technologies like real-time Unreal Engine 3D, AR/VR/XR, and digital twin CGI modeling, Infosys Aster crafts captivating environments that engage the senses holistically. This enables customers to explore virtual product showcases, examining features in stunning detail that elevate the brand narrative.

Future-proof Marketing

Future-proof Marketing

The constant tug-of-war between growth and efficiency, with the pressure to scale, requires new approaches that take advantage of the latest in AI innovation. WongDoody and Infosys Aster combine the power of breakthrough creative with cutting-edge AR and AI studio and production methods that are new to the market. In combination with MarTech teams, strategy capabilities and data teams, Infosys Aster can deliver relevant and exciting creativity at enterprise scale.

Brand Design

Brand Design

Brands need constant refocusing to retain sharpness. Infosys Aster is experienced in creating, scaling and applying large brand models and design systems. The persistent expansion of channels and content depends on new models that combine human talent with technical augmentation to stay consistent and relevant. Infosys Aster, with WongDoody, bring these capabilities and perspectives together into one comprehensive capability.

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