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Performance Marketing

Success, for marketing, hinges on data-driven optimization of campaigns and overall maximizing of ROI. With ever-evolving algorithms, changing consumer behaviors, and the need for lightning-fast speed, organizations require advanced tools and resources to stay ahead of the curve and drive optimal performance.

Infosys Aster’s performance marketing solutions help you stay ahead of the curve and empower you to analyze, personalize, and optimize your campaigns for peak performance.

Advanced Analytics

Uncover Hidden Gems with Advanced Analytics

Harness the power of Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Online Conversion Drivers to simplify complex iterations, automate processes, and gain statistically robust insights for informed decision-making. Identify and track the performance of Key Opinion Leaders aligned with brand objectives using advanced analytics modeling techniques and customized ROI metrics. Infosys Aster enables you with this and more.

Right Audience

Reach the Right Audience with the Right Content

Build and target audiences with precision leveraging Infosys Aster’s AI-powered Consumer Intelligence Platform to deliver hyper-personalization at scale.

Customer Journey

Craft a Seamless Customer Journey

With Infosys Aster, brands can utilize web analytics, tag management, and semantic search to take a streamlined approach to effectively responding to the consumer environment. Leveraging gen AI-driven analysis for deeper insights and recommendations, enables brands to save time and resources for enhanced marketing decision-making.

Continuous Optimization

Continuous Optimization for Maximum Impact

Infosys Aster provides A/B testing services to eliminate guesswork and identify campaign elements that resonate most with audiences. Dedicated performance marketing experts gather actionable insights and provide continuous improvement to maximize ROI.

With Infosys Aster, brands gain a data-driven advantage to personalize marketing efforts with technology and expert guidance to reach the right audience, optimize the customer journey, and ultimately, achieve maximum return on investment.

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Driving hyper-personalization via a consumer intelligence platform

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