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Digital Experience

Digital noise is overwhelming. The demand for innovative and disruptive customer experiences for maximum customer engagement has never been greater. Infosys Aster's digital experience solutions go so much beyond traditional design to deliver against these demands.

Digital Experience delivers these important factors holistically across personas for businesses to thrive. With AI and data centralization, we engineer engaging, hyper-personalized, and immersive experiences across the customer journey.

Digitalized Human Experience

Digitalized Human Experience (HX)

Digitalized human experience, from Infosys Aster, delivers seamless, personalized interactions for brands. Using AI-driven real-time hyper-personalization helps tailor every interaction to individual preferences. Pervasive experiences across apps, wearables, and devices ensure brands are accessible and relevant. Real-time and cross-channel journey processing ensures consistent user journeys from acquisition to self-service.

Interactive Experiences

Interactive Experiences

Infosys Aster leverages AR, VR, and MR to create captivating, immersive experiences that intrigue and capture audiences. Digital twins and real-time simulations provide valuable insights to optimize experiences. Digital experience platforms, apps, and portals - the backbone of digital strategy - offer intuitive and immersive interfaces.

Digital Experience Factory

Digital Experience Factory

Infosys Aster digital experience factory includes platforms, tools, workbenches, and DXOps for efficient management and scaling of digital experiences. Enterprise mobility management ensures effective and secure mobile strategies, while customer and field service mobility solutions drive service efficiency and satisfaction.

Infosys Aster helps craft impactful experiences that drive engagement and loyalty, and fuels long-term business growth.

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Driving transformation – A global auto success story

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