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To effectively solve complex marketing challenges, it’s crucial to understand the underlying human dynamics that drive business outcomes. Infosys Aster has advantage of WongDoody's Human Experience-led approach to more meaningful engagement. Infosys Aster’s suite of strategic offerings is designed to get at the heart of behavior, patterns, intentions, and insights. From these Infosys Aster builds transformational opportunities and roadmaps to drive growth.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Infosys Aster helps sharpen category positioning and inspire strong brand positioning. With experience of having built new brands in emerging categories and helped mature brands expand into new territories and audiences, Infosys Aster delivers to ambitious brand aspirations.

Audience and Data Strategy

Audience and Data Strategy

Infosys Aster ensures marketing budgets are impactfully deployed based on an understanding of the imperatives that drive business. Strong data interrogation models combined with qualitative investigation methods drive rich target and persona definitions. WongDoody's unique in-house research service, The Sounding Board, is designed to understand people, behavior, and motivations quickly, and translate that into actionable insights that lead to viable products, services, programs and marketing and positioning.

Go-to-market Strategy

Go-to-market Strategy

Whether it’s a product launch, a customer acquisition program, an e-commerce drive or a loyalty play, Infosys Aster can work across siloes and channels in concert with MarTech platforms to architect revenue driving strategies.

Human Experience Strategy

Human Experience Strategy

Modern marketing means building an always-on brand engagement ecosystem. Infosys Aster’s human experience and service design offerings focus on building engagement at every digital and physical touchpoint. The suite’s investigative methods drive empathic design that engages audiences and increases positive business behaviors.

Marketing Management

Content, Communications and Campaign Strategy

Develop content strategies that deliver contextual messages to audiences at scale. Infosys’ global footprint of talent, technology and AI means building nuanced and effective campaigns are faster and more effective. WongDoody, Infosys' award-winning digital innovation agency provides the creative horsepower to breakthrough in a noisy world and to communicate with impact.

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Underdog to overachiever

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