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With the proliferation of marketing technology and constantly evolving digital strategies, CMOs face the challenge of having to maximize ROI by building their tech stack. Data-driven analytics and AI-led decision-making amplify outcomes in this landscape.

Infosys Aster has the scale and expertise to help businesses embrace the best tailored MarTech stack that integrates solutions for defining audiences, optimizing campaigns, and driving efficiencies.

Channels & Advertising

Channels & Advertising

Infosys Aster's MarTech solutions span mobile, web, social media, and TV. It has specialist capabilities to address paid and programmatic advertising and PPC campaigns, ensuring effective audience targeting and optimized advertising spending for maximum ROI.

Content, Campaigns & Experience

Content, Campaigns & Experience

Infosys Aster’s solutions include web content management, digital asset management, and product information management. Marketing automation and campaign management tools streamline processes, while accessibility ensures inclusive, engaging experiences that build stronger customer connections.

Search, Social & Relationships

Search, Social & Relationships

Enhancing online visibility with semantic search, searchandizing, and SEO is all in a day’s work for Infosys Aster. Social media monitoring tools provide insights into customer sentiments, while community and review management strengthen relationships and ensure brand relevance.

Data, Analytics & Audiences

Data, Analytics & Audiences

Advanced segmentation, ID resolution, and privacy management solutions ensure compliant and effective marketing efforts. Tools for analytics provide deep insights into customer behavior, enabling informed decisions and targeted relevant content.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Streamlining marketing operations gets easier with tools for resource management, content lifecycle management, and media planning. Systems for creative content and taxonomy management ensure organized, efficient campaign execution.

Infosys Aster's MarTech offerings integrate creative, content, data, insights, operations, people, processes, and technology. AI-first digital marketing solutions deepen customer engagement and accelerate growth.

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