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Digital Commerce

Customer expectations set the bar very high for brands. Enterprises need to be agile, innovative, and adaptive to meet their needs for personalized and unified shopping experiences across all touchpoints and channels.

Infosys Aster’s digital commerce offering empowers brands to cater to these evolving needs. With end-to-end services, it transforms the way brands acquire, engage, transact with, and service customers in an omnichannel digital-first marketscape.

Fast Commerce

Fast Commerce

Infosys Aster’s fast commerce solutions help you build domain-specific, market-ready stores and support the business model that works best for you - D2C, B2C, B2B, B2B2C, or B2E. They enable social selling and marketplace integrations, powered by design studios working jointly with partners’ GTM strategies - with speed and efficiency - transaction after transaction.

The comprehensive suite of e-commerce operations, from Infosys Aster, empowers you to achieve superior operational control from managing product information meticulously to guaranteeing accurate availability and rich customer experiences. Robust data analytics and reporting tools provide invaluable insights to fuel continuous improvement.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce

Infosys Aster's big commerce focuses on scalability and global reach. It enables cloud-based solutions and automates business, IT, and AI operations. With support for global expansions and migrations, you are assured of seamless transitions and consistent performance. Additionally, these solutions deliver hyper-personalization at scale, along with tailored experiences for customers anywhere in the world.

E-commerce operations, powered by Infosys Aster, further enhance the big commerce experience. This means managing marketplaces better, easily handling seller onboarding, product approvals, and even data compliance audits. The site merchandising expertise optimizes product categorization, creates targeted recommendations, and ensures comprehensive launch readiness.

Smart Commerce

Smart Commerce

Smart commerce, from Infosys Aster, introduces disruptive business models such as servitization, subscription, and membership services. The solution is a boon for product discovery with visual search, personalized recommendations, and price optimization. Leveraging generative AI, it automates content creation for products, digital, and media assets. Virtual assistants guide customers through the buying process, providing conversational commerce for greater user engagement and satisfaction. These services also focus on enriching the brand’s digital shelf.

Infosys Aster seamlessly integrates its e-commerce operations to unlock the full potential of smart commerce. Its comprehensive digital marketing services encompass content creation, SEO optimization strategies, and development of loyalty programs. Infosys Aster handles localization and translation services too, enabling wider global audience reach through targeted campaigns.

Infosys Aster leverages the power of Infosys Equinox enterprise digital commerce platform and strategic partnerships with Adobe, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle, among others, to empower businesses with niche capabilities across the entire E-commerce value chain through the contextual adoption of AI and future-proofed architecture.

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