The Path to Success

Infosys Consulting is on an ambitious growth path. We are hiring partners and consultants at all levels, including university graduates who are keen on pursuing their careers in an innovative, collaborative environment, and bring their expertise and knowledge to our global teams.

We are looking for future colleagues who are:

  • Bold Innovators
    They have the courage to forge new paths, build on their expertise, and take it to the next level of innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial
    They seize opportunities. They welcome taking on responsibilities and partnering with our clients to drive success.
  • Problem Finders
    They are intrigued by complex business challenges and create value through sustainable innovation. They develop unique solutions for clients and are driven by a spirit of discovery.
  • Pragmatic Thinkers
    They turn vision into reality. They are enthusiastic and focused on realizing expedient, viable results for our clients.

Infosys Consulting offers you an opportunity to redefine our clients' businesses - and progress your own career as well. Our comprehensive career model fosters individual growth and well-balanced personal development. Each job level is associated with clear expectations regarding an individual’s competencies and covers dimensions such as general consulting skills, business know-how, technical capabilities, and leadership.

Career model

Career model  

The Analyst role is our entry level position for Master Graduates. Analysts focus on building up knowledge and expertise and establishing a sound network within the company, while working on a challenging project assignment. Analysts participate in a dedicated Analyst training program.

As part of international project teams, our Consultants are delivering essential work products applying their expertise, while further deepening their knowledge in their respective area of specialisation.

Senior Consultants are working on business processes and technologies, dealing with industry specific requirements. They independently deliver high quality solutions and actively build and maintain client relationships.

Our Principals manage medium sized engagements or assigned streams of complex engagements, being responsible for quality, budget and staffing and working closely with senior client managers. Principals contribute to the firms’ development by acting as Counsellors and sharing knowledge.

Our Senior Principals lead and manage complex engagements and take responsibility for business development activities. They are recognized as experts in their respective area of expertise, managing and guiding teams to success.

Being on the Partner track, our Associate Partners are considered trusted advisors by our clients as well as internally. They assume a leadership role in growing the business and developing people.

Our Partners form our leadership team, jointly driving and shaping the consulting business. This includes the delivery of complex client engagements, the establishment and fostering of sound client relationships as well as people leadership.

Tell us where you think you fit best, we'll tell you how to get there.

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