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The life sciences industry is undergoing a major transformation in business and technology as consumers increasingly play an active role in decision-making. As a result, life sciences companies today are adopting the patient-centric model.

Reducing costs, managing regulatory changes, new product development, and improving digital effectiveness are at the top of the list for life sciences companies. Technology is getting bigger and more personal with the Internet of Things (IoT), and the life sciences industry is poised to leverage this great opportunity. The new world of connected devices is opening up new possibilities of collaboration and engagement. Digital technologies help gain customer insights, understand patients better, and deliver a customized patient experience. It also provides medical device manufacturers with the tools to collect and analyze vast amounts of data related to health using wearables and smart devices.

Infosys forecasts that the average spend on digital in life sciences will grow at 15 – 20 percent annually; moreover digital adoption will improve asset utilization and cut costs by as much as 25 – 30 percent. However, the digital age brings its own set of challenges – increased competition, technology obsolescence, and skyrocketing customer expectations.

Infosys Digital Life Sciences capabilities can enhance the digital ecosystem through the digital framework model; it puts the customer at the center, and solves problems across the spectrum through operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness, and connected devices. Infosys Digital combines deep expertise in healthcare IT, analytics, and consumer engagement with domain knowledge to offer a comprehensive suite of best-in-class solutions.

Infosys organized a dinner roundtable on November 27, 2014 in London. The roundtable covered discussions on the best digital practices, perspectives on next-generation digital solutions and challenges, and opportunities in the digital marketing domain.

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