Your agriculture enterprise can increase crop yield and ensure sustainable operations with advanced animal husbandry, planning, production, harvesting, and post-harvest management techniques.

The Infosys Agriculture practice connects the dots between on-field data and business insights of the farming ecosystem to transform operations across the agriculture lifecycle. Our advanced applications combine reference data, analytics and recommendation algorithms to determine the feasibility of crops / animals vis-à-vis climatic conditions, soil nutrients and cost of interventions required to achieve estimated output.

We authenticate field records to ensure traceability across the agricultural supply chain. Our agro-ecological mapping tools process data of soil moisture, sunlight, rainfall, soil fertility, humidity, pests, and weeds to drive crop management. Our sustainability solutions boost yield to seed ratio, storage and distribution services minimize food waste, and herd management systems support regulatory compliance.

Our Offerings

Infosys combines real-time data and predictive analytics to maximize agricultural output