The Infosys Automotive practice implements connected vehicle programs for ‘smarter’ transportation. Our services span business consulting services, infotainment application development, mobile application architecture design, data analytics solutions, and technology product / platform development. Our artificial intelligence solutions are building blocks for autonomous locomotion. Real-time access to vehicle, driver behavior, roadside infrastructure, traffic, and GPS data facilitates accurate automated maneuvering, and improves vehicle performance, road safety as well as traffic management.

The Infosys Asset Genome solution harvests data from connected vehicles, makes sense of data, and converts it into predictive insights. Further, our solution enables OEMs and dealers to synchronize remote diagnostics tools and schedules for periodic / predictive maintenance with supply chain management applications to mitigate risks and rationalize costs. Infosys develops Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and reusable automation scripts for connected vehicle applications.

Our technology approach boosts the capacity, reliability, and speed of device-to-device, vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and device-to-cloud communication. Further, our communication and sensor networks support location-dependent services such as ‘find my car’, and autonomous operations such as platooning. Our machine learning algorithms for obstacle detection recognize and classify potential obstacles. The continuous learning loop enhances our technical frameworks for advanced features such as adaptive cruise control, automated braking, autonomous steering, parking / roadside assistance, and remote diagnostics.

The Infosys Cyber Security Platform (iCSP) safeguards telematics and sensor data via anonymization and aggregation. Our managed services for identity and access management, unified vulnerability management, and risk and compliance management address security and privacy requirements of connected devices, networks, applications, and services.

Infosys partners with Udacity for training in autonomous vehicle engineering. Our knowledge programs expedite the development of autonomous vehicle capabilities as well as in-vehicle alert services. In addition, they accelerate trial operations of self-driving vehicles and automation systems.

We empower manufacturers with digital solutions to respond to seismic changes in the automotive industry.


Driver assistance

Driver assistance

  • Video/image-based object detection
  • Telematics and environmental awareness
  • Sensor data integration
Driving assistance

Driving assistance

  • Collision warning systems
  • Infotainment systems
  • Simulation and testing
Vehicular technology

Vehicular technology

  • Machine learning-based system architectures and design
  • Vehicular resource management and data networking
  • Vehicle behavior modeling

Point of View: Mobility 2.0 – Technology on wheels

Automobile manufacturers need to leverage smart technology and communication systems to provide mobility-as-a-service.


Challenges & Solutions

Algorithms convert data from connected vehicles into predictive insights to provide a superior driving experience, timely maintenance services, and enriched functionality.

An illustrative use case catalog with proofs of concepts and analytical applications, including in-car services, voice-controlled navigation, advanced driver assistance systems, contextually aware routing, and dynamic location-based services.

Subject matter experts with rich experience in ‘connected car’ programs and end-to-end capabilities at leading automotive OEMs.