Case Study

US University Launches Student Persona-based Brand Campaign to Encourage Learning

A private university in USA acquired a leading online education service provider to increase its footprint.

The university wanted to identify learner personas to develop a post-M&A marketing strategy. Thereafter, the institution launched a targeted marketing campaign for its suite of academic programs from pre-college to master’s degree and doctoral level.

The university sought strategic inputs –

  • Generate insights to drive a new brand campaign
  • Gain a better understanding of its brand perception to attract new students

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The Solution

Adopt persona-based marketing to grow in the commoditized online learning industry

Infosys undertook a three-phase research program to survey hundreds of students and alumni. The objective: understand the student profile, learn how prospects make enrolment decisions, and identify attributes that make the university a preferred learning institution.

Our team leveraged the Infosys ‘customer genome’ to distil consumer insights from the research for developing a brand campaign. The survey findings helped identify student personas, address critical decision-making issues in higher education, and define the marketing strategy.

Wongdoody, the digital creative agency of Infosys, leveraged rich marketing insights to create persona-based marketing campaigns for diverse learner segments. Significantly, the customer-experience focused approach of the campaigns developed by Wongdoody strengthened brand positioning of the university. /p>



Bespoke branding for students and lifelong learners

Advertising campaigns that resonate with diverse learner segments

Insights into learners shape personalized messaging

  • Encourages prospects to explore learning opportunities
  • Motivates working professionals to pursue advanced education
  • Focuses on wellbeing via lifelong learning