Innovation and Digital Experiences are the keys to Education’s Next

Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Spotlight Commissioned by Infosys

COVID-19 has changed education forever. Schools, colleges, and universities around the world have had to shut down due to the fears and uncertainties that surround this pandemic. Colleges, universities, trade schools, and private schools are now facing an uncertain future, as a result of limited in-class learning and the increased cost of providing safe learning environments.

According to UNESCO, the education plans of over 1.2 billion children around the world have been affected. This consequently led to several challenges including falling enrollments, decreased revenue, declined funding, concerning completion rates and achievement gaps.

In the US alone, Forrester forecasts that 2021 technology budgets for educational
institutions will drop by 3.6%.

Research-Guided Recommendations:

Road centrelines

Focus on core capabilities and outsource when it makes sense to

Road edges

Source for speed and co-innovation

Road centrelines

Orchestrate for agility and differentiation

Road edges

Scale up agile planning and execution to be more adaptive and more resilient by orchestrating ecosystem resources

Key Findings:

  • Educational institutions face increased pressures to drive revenue and reduce operational costs post-pandemic.
  • In response, learning experiences are being improved and investments in digital experience technologies are being established as key business and technology priorities.
  • IT budget allocation, as a percentage of revenue, is expected to reduce as costs of ensuring safe learning environments increase.
  • IT organizations are looking to increase innovation, develop new skills, and drive better engagement with third-party service providers to fuel business transformation.

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