A Platform-based Operating Model to Transform Financial Services – by Everest Group

Financial Services (FS) institutions have been transforming their operating models to keep up with the changing business landscape. Today, they view technology as the key lever to enable business transformation, embedding these initiatives into their core strategies.

To stay competitive with the nimble FinTech and Big Tech companies, FS firms are pivoting to a more effective transformation approach – a modular platform-based operating – aiming at simplification, agility, faster time to market and technology evolution. This facilitates the as-a-service model for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance enterprises.

Everest Group, a leading global research firm, has published a research report which describes the approach of continuous simplification, explains the best practices for adopting the approach, and outlines the potential benefits financial institutions can realise from it. The report explores the value drivers for the Financial Services industry, how legacy technology is a roadblock to value discovery, the increasing complexity of IT and operations with continuous modernization and the journey for Financial Services firms to continuous simplification enabled by a platform-based IT operating model.

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