The age of
Platformication has dawned

The Financial Services world is evolving to an ecosystem powered by co-creation and collaborative participation with the recognition that greater value is delivered by the ecosystem than by individual players. The focus for FS firms is increasingly turning to a more effective transformation approach encapsulating business model innovation, enriched offerings, monetization, security and resilience.

Platform-based operating models is all set to transform the future of the FS industry. Simplification, agility, faster time to market and technology evolution are at the heart of facilitating this as-a-service business model. This page is designed to provide financial institutions, business and IT leaders with research, analyst reports and insights on platform-based operating models and how Infosys fits into it all.

Transform the Future of Financial Services

Transform the Future of Financial Services

Everest Group, a leading global research firm, has published a research report which outlines value drivers for the industry, how legacy technology is a roadblock to value discovery, the increasing complexity of IT and operations with continuous modernization and the journey for Financial Services firms to continuous simplification enabled by a platform-based IT operating model.

Dennis Gada

quote Ever-changing customer preferences, technological and operational complexities, and the demand for seamless experiences, continues to be challenging for the Financial Services industry. With a platform centric approach, Infosys is accelerating the convergence of physical and digital worlds and helping clients bring forth the sustainable digital future their customers are looking for. quote

- Dennis Gada,
Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Services - North America at Infosys

quote Financial services firms have undertaken a series of modernization initiatives to address the challenges associated with legacy systems, often in a siloed manner at different points in time of their modernization journey causing an increase in overall complexity and risks in business and IT. BFSI firms need to move away from such siloed but continuous modernization approach and adopt a ‘continuous simplification’ approach which is underpinned by a platform-based operating model which drives agility and time to market quote

Ronak Doshi

- Ronak Doshi,

Partner, Everest Group

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