case study

Implementing ServiceNow with ESM Café to Transform Bank's IT Services

A leading US Regional Bank offers retail and commercial banking products and services to individuals, small businesses and commercial industries. The US Regional Bank aspired to migrate from its existing platform to transform its service management landscape.

The US Regional Bank partnered with Infosys to implement ServiceNow, along with their flagship product called ESM Cafe, to deliver a comprehensive and scalable solution for its end users. Their objective was to achieve a “one-stop” platform to enable self-service, improve asset management and shorten onboarding time.

Key Challenges

  • Employees do not have a self-service capability in the current ITSM platform, leading to higher call volume, poor user experience and loss of employee productivity
  • Lack of IT asset inventory and control leads to poor management of the asset lifecycle, eventually causing various operational and regulatory risks with penalties
  • IT & Business Service requests and employee onboarding takes significantly longer, up to 4 weeks to fulfil in the current ITSM system, due to lack of automated workflow leading to increased project costs

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The Solution

Improved service management with hybrid agile delivery

  • The ITSM, Asset Management & Service Catalog for the US Regional Bank were designed based upon ESM Cafe's out of the box accelerators to meet almost 75% of the technical and business requirements 
  • An agentless discovery of all the IT assets was executed comprehensively across the entire enterprise
  • A robust CMDB was built with seamless integration and useful application service maps

Improved IT Service Management

  • Implemented the ESM Cafe Portal, providing one-stop-shop for catalog submission
  • Enabled an effective ticket management process with real-time status updates
  • Delivered automated workflow for IT & Business Service requests and employee onboarding


Self-service removed the need to contact service desk, resulting in significant cost savings

Controlled CMDB through agentless discovery and seamless integration with improved asset inventory

Automated workflow-based Service Catalog expedites the approval and fulfilment process improving the net promoter score and the resolution time by 100%