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Commercial Banking Solutions

There is a greater demand today for increased customization at lower prices. Commercial banks need to restructure in the near future to enable them to keep delivering profitable business. Some of the key challenges faced by commercial banks currently are:

  • Improvement in customer experience, product offering, and business efficiency through digital offerings for commercial banking clients
  • Modularization of the existing complex legacy systems
  • Integration of multiple channels for greater data accessibility and information aggregation leading to improved transaction visibility
  • Increased complexity of risks, and their identification and mitigation by re-designing risk operating models
How can Infosys help?

Given our strong domain expertise and proven technology capabilities with commercial banking systems and management, we can help commercial banks as we leverage our rich experience. We possess:

Commercial Banking Solutions

How we made a difference?

We worked with a leading bank in the US to assess and uplift their commercial banking portal. The engagement resulted in improved multi-channel experience for the bank and their clients, along with better conversion / prospecting rate and helped optimize their IT infrastructure and support costs.

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