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The last couple of years were marked by challenges in operational excellence and greater customer engagement for banks. In the lending and mortgage space, legacy platform replacement and business process optimization dominated transformation budgets in origination, whereas workflow and compliance dominated default functions.

Today, omni-channel banking is still a distant goal for many banks and mobile banking has ushered in a unique set of challenges in terms of multiple platforms and devices.

All these challenges, however, provide an opportunity for banks to differentiate and make themselves indispensable. From a seamless digital experience to deeper customer engagement and reduced costs, banks can utilize these opportunities to redefine themselves.

How can Infosys help?

With the right blend of domain expertise and technology capabilities in consumer banking services, we are well placed to help retail banks across the globe meet ever-growing expectations of their customers across:

  • Core banking
  • Channel banking
  • Mortgage
  • Consumer lending
  • Personal financial management
  • Consumer banking analytics

Infosys provides end-to-end services for consumer banking transformation that includes business case development, business process reengineering, and benchmarking of online and mobile banking along with a traditionally strong ADM suite.

We collaborate with internal labs and our new subsidiary, EdgeVerve, to create and leverage best-in- class proprietary solutions in the channel banking and lending space to help our clients increase service efficiency, improve quality, and reduce cost.

How we made a difference?

Infosys supported #1 ranked online and mobile banking for one of the top two banks in the US, including enabling next-generation capabilities such as Apple Pay on iPhone 6. The client was benefited by improved customer experience and operational efficiency along with lower data synchronization risk.

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