To help clients strengthen their technology and operations, we have joined forces with Better to launch Mortgage as a Service (MaaS), an integrated technology & operations white-labelled AI-driven platform to help banks and credit unions provide a seamless digital mortgage and home equity loan experience to their customers.

With our digital-first, cloud-first, and AI-first approach, we have launched a new solution that enables our clients to originate mortgage and home equity loans at the lowest cost, with the fastest closing times, and the best digital experience.

Together with Better, Infosys is reimagining the digital mortgage and home equity loan experience.

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Mortgage as a Service (MaaS) is a componentized, unified, and flexible loan origination platform. The lender will be able to choose platform component and staffing models and branding flexibly. We support mortgage, HELOC, and other home financing products.

Our clients can gain advantages from a single platform covering every step of their originations process, including Point of Sale, Loan Origination System, Pricing across various products such as Mortgage and Home Equity. The platform is particularly well-suited for the Direct to Consumer (D2C) channel.

This platform enables Intelligent Process Automation through the following key features:

  • Dynamic, customizable, and robust pipeline tooling
  • Tasks with a cascading automated workflow
  • Automated processing of property and borrower data seamlessly integrated with fraud detection
  • Extensive collection of dynamic third-party integrations
  • 4 core benefits to the clients:
    • 30% operational cost savings per loan
    • Stronger compliance with 2x less loan defects
    • #1 digital mortgage experience
    • Upside of more than 20% revenue per loan officer

Challenges & Solutions

By adopting the MaaS solution, banks can potentially reduce up to 30% of their costs associated with Operations & Technology.

Using MaaS solution, banks can harness a proven and reliable platform that boasts stronger compliance and half the loan defects compared to the industry average.

MaaS addresses this challenge with its award-winning #1 Digital Mortgage Experience recognized by JDPower. Additionally, it ensures a seamless process, offering a unified digital platform to borrowers and associates.