Evolving regulations such as Volker Rule, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, Basel III, MiFiD II, EBA Governance Guidelines, and FSB Principles have impacted the investment banking industry in more ways than one. Although the scope and geographical relevance of these regulations might differ, all of them mandate the imposition of more stringent regulatory requirements on financial institutions. These regulations further create a need for requirements such as enhanced reporting standards, putting constraints on structuring, clearing, and trading of financial instruments. These regulations also require significant system integration requirements, and focus on data governance & its quality.

Embrace highly scalable and easily integrated IT solutions for capital markets

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Our leading capital market solutions give you a competitive and first mover advantage in the ever changing business and regulatory environment. Our solutions also enable you to grow your business in the long run by being proactive to changes, at a competitive cost of deployment. Our solutions help you address the key challenges of meeting dynamic customer demands, security threats, emerging regulatory changes, and emerging competition from alternative players / business models.


Challenges & Solutions

Deep Understanding of Capital Markets and Investment Management

  • Dedicated consulting services (business and domain)
  • Proven years of on time and cost effective execution capability
  • Mature product competency centers across the capital market value chain
  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence – BA CoE, Regulatory CoE, Data CoE and Product CoEs

Methodologies and Past Experiences

  • IMPACT and VRM framework to handle end-to-end business transformations
  • Executed multiple assignments across consulting, IT, and BPO
  • Proven relationships with leading FSIs over multiple years

Bringing Deeper Know-How

  • Experience across all asset classes like equities, fixed income currency and commodities
  • Experience across front, middle and back-office areas in investment banking
  • Experience of multiple geographic needs across Europe, Asia Pacific and Americas
  • Sound understanding of business and system requirements
  • Proven thought leadership capabilities in regulatory areas like Doff Frank, EMIR, MiFID II and other key regulations