The world has seen a proliferation of FinTechs — each bringing to life innovation unseen before and pushing the frontiers of Financial Services. The contributions made by FinTechs to the industry are aplenty and astute enterprises stand to benefit by leveraging such emerging technologies for their own advantage.

As a leading provider of technology and consulting services to the financial services industry, Infosys has partnered with some of the most enterprising FinTech providers to drive innovation and ground-breaking ideas for our clients.

Our goal is to deliver significant transformation through these partnerships —be it through an implementation role or a more comprehensive approach that integrates our proprietary platforms and solutions with FinTech offerings to deliver superior value.

The Infosys ecosystem extends to over 70 FinTech providers, handpicked after extensive research and due diligence to ensure best of breed solutions across the whole of Financial Services value chain.


Challenges & Solutions

Providing digital banking solutions across the value chain such as video KYC and automated onboarding, automated financial health management, credit based on non-traditional credit scoring methods as well as digital customer care

Providing Digital safe for customers so they can manage and leverage their credit worthiness online by accessing all relevant collateral and interacting with financial institutions for their needs

Multi-connectivity network with simple administration and efficient payment routing Anti-money laundering and transactions screening platform to identify and mitigate compliance and sanctions risk