By most industry estimates, unstructured text accounts for 80% of the data available to companies. Text analytics is the process of analyzing unstructured text, extracting relevant information, and transforming it into structured information that can be leveraged in various ways.

Infosys Text Analytics Platform enables faster processing of retail and commercial loan processing through digital customer onboarding, instant KYC and instant credit decisioning. Costs associated with paper-based trails and back office involvement are reduced through digitizing loan forms and information extraction for underwriting, and OCR led zero manual entry approach, cross reference document validation for identity validation. It enables customer servicing requests to be handled on self-servicing platforms through interaction transcript analytics. The platform enhances operational resilience by detecting anomalies in financial transactions and enables ‘Customer 3600’ by representing information as a knowledge graph. It supports product hyper-personalization by providing deeper client insights to reduce churn and increase cross-sell. It assists with advanced portfolio modeling for robo-advisors to take next-best-action and improve advisor productivity. It helps with document reviews and improves compliance checks and also supports transaction monitoring & fraud detection, review of risk models and stress testing.

Infosys Text Analytics Platform offers a suite of six ready to use solutions and API-based services ranging from semantic search, skill knowledge graph, sentiment or subjectivity analysis, rule extraction from legal documents, document classification or categorization, email or chat-based automation, log comparison, automated data labeling, and much more.

Up to 50% productivity improvement through automated processing of text data such as documents or emails

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Infosys Text Analytics Platform offers a suite of six ready to use solutions. The cognitive capabilities are provided by the platform’s core services. Deployed in lightweight containers, these microservices are implemented using event-driven architecture and are exposed as REST endpoints, available to consumers on subscription basis. Enterprise Search provides most relevant responses based on understanding the intent behind a user query. Enterprise Graph represents organizational information as a knowledge graph and provides best fit matches based on relationships between entities. Email and Document Wizards can extract entities from underlying text, mine for subjective sentiments or opinions, and provide analytical statistics. Rules Extraction generates rules in structured format from semi-structured documents. Document Digitization is a one-stop solution for converting images and PDFs into machine-readable formats.



Challenges & Solutions

Our semantic search and knowledge graph capabilities understand the intent of the user and provide the most relevant responses

We employ advanced ML and NLP techniques to derive actionable insights from unstructured text resulting in up to 50% productivity gains