Next to the Power of Cloud

Sentient shop floors. Predictive field service. Virtual showrooms. Whatever next normal you imagine across the five manufacturing focus areas, there’s one catalyst that delivers the outcomes as exponents rather than increments: the cloud. And when harnessed as a set of solutions, services and platforms, the journey from now to next is frictionless.

Infosys Cobalt is built to deliver that exponential future now. From connected products to smart manufacturing, from Servitization to B2B2C transformation, from energizing the core to transforming the workforce, Cobalt enables every next to the power of cloud. Shaping a live enterprise that is ready for a digital future.

Infosys Cobalt accelerates the digital future across the manufacturing enterprise

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Challenges & Solutions

Cobalt enables manufacturing sentience with the ability to rapidly sense, respond and adapt in a dynamic environment. From remote factory diagnostics to supply chain traceability, Cobalt fuels the ability to energize the core and enable smart manufacturing.

Cobalt delivers the vision of B2B2C models and connected products with the ability to deepen digital engagement and create new experiences that are immersive, intuitive, and innovative. Virtual showrooms, smarter vehicles, warranty analytics: Cobalt orchestrates it all.

Cobalt drives a new collaborative ecosystem by driving digitization from field service to sales aftermarkets to supply chains. Whether it’s transparency, visibility or efficiency, Cobalt has all the capabilities needed to seamlessly bridge the extended manufacturing enterprise.


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Our Offerings


Energize the Core

  • Warranty Management in a Box
  • Working Capital Management in a Box
  • Accounts Payable and DSO Management

Smart Manufacturing

  • Connected Assets in a Box
  • Smart Factory Canvas
  • Predictive Maintenance on Cloud
  • Engineering on Cloud

Connected Products

  • Private 5G Networks
  • Field Technician Collaboration Mixed Reality Platform
  • Product Cost Optimization


  • Asset Performance Management
  • Live Supply Chain
  • Digital Agriculture

B2B2C Transformation

  • Field Service Knowledge Management and Collaboration
  • Virtual Showroom
  • Call Center Knowledge Management