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Early Views into Automation and AI Adoption in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Today

The shift towards patient-centric models, driven by increasingly active involvement of patients in their treatment process, has transformed the life sciences industry. Technological, regulatory and environmental changes in the healthcare ecosystem have put tremendous pressure on stakeholders, forcing pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to evolve to value-based care and personalized medicine approaches. Automation and AI technologies are already aiding such outcome-based paradigms by facilitating better information sharing, automating processes and collaboration among the various stakeholders and better outcomes for all involved, all while amplifying human potential.

This is where Infosys NiaTM, a knowledge-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform, can transform the healthcare and life sciences landscape. It delivers a full spectrum of capabilities, including advanced analytics, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge management, and automation. Nia provides organizations with a single point of entry to AI, clear near-term deliverables, extensibility, and the potential to grow as organizational acceptance of AI grows.

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