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Digital in life sciences: Are you future-ready?

The life sciences industry is undergoing major changes. A large part of this is fuelled by the integration of digital that has driven a powerful re-imagination of the life sciences industry landscape. This transition has opened up new opportunities for development, but also comes with its own challenges.

Delivering customized solutions for customers becomes a bigger challenge for life sciences companies due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders such as payers, doctors, hospitals, medical device companies, and regulators. Delivering inspirational content seamlessly with a superior user experience and simplified marketing operations will differentiate companies that are successfully engaging a complex digital ecosystem.

After the successful London and New Jersey roundtable on digital life sciences, Infosys will host another roundtable in Frankfurt for the digital marketing heads of pharmaceutical companies on April 23, 2015. At this event, industry leaders will discuss the new digital paradigm in the life sciences industry. The roundtable will cover:

  • Best digital practices followed by leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Perspectives on digitally powered trends and next-generation digital solutions
  • Success stories by pharmaceutical companies on digital adoption
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