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Infosys Webinar — Digital in life sciences: Are you future ready?

Infosys hosted a webinar, which had eminent speakers from Infosys, as well as client and advisory firms discuss the impact of digital disruption in the pharmaceutical industry.

The speakers at the webinar were:

Joel Nichols, Head of Software and Automation, Merck/Millipore
Kate McCarthy, Senior Analyst serving CIO professionals, Forrester
Julie Bowers, AVP, Senior Digital Strategist, Infosys

Joel Nichols,
Head of Software and Automation, Merck/Millipore

Originally trained as a software engineer, Joel began his career supporting quality control (QC) labs with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and later laboratory execution systems (LES) within the pharma / biotech industries. He transitioned from lab work to working on manufacturing systems, which led him into learning more about the process and operations within a plant.

Joel continued to learn process engineering and eventually led process automation teams at multiple facilities in multiple locations. He later took on the project of leading the manufacturing execution systems delivery for five plants in one facility being built from the ground up.

Joel now uses his approximately 20 years leading IT and process automation groups to build an organization of almost 100 people for fulfilling the future vision of digital bioprocessing within the process solutions segment of Merck/Millipore.

Kate McCarthy,
Senior Analyst Serving CIO Professionals, Forrester

Kate McCarthy is a senior analyst serving Chief information officers (CIOs). She focuses on how healthcare organizations can leverage technology to optimize organizational performance and engage patients in new, innovative ways in the age of the customer.

Kate is an expert on healthcare operations, healthcare reform, health information technology (HIT) adoption, and HIT competitive intelligence; providing analysis of trends from a strategic direction to operational functions. Her research also addresses the security, system rationalization, and tools necessary to turn big data into actionable insights; as well as the digital tools, tactics, and strategies needed to engage today's empowered healthcare customer.

Julie Bowers,
AVP, Senior Digital Strategist, Infosys

Julie brings deep expertise in multichannel strategy, operations, and business development for C-level and Fortune 500 clients. Her digital track record includes partnerships with premier, global retailers — including Walmart, Amazon.com, and Macy's — providing cutting edge, multichannel consumer strategies.

Julie leveraged her experience to create the digital agency at Harte-Hanks and support many verticals, pharmaceutical being the largest; and brands including Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Astra-Zeneca, BMS and Schering-Plough. Awarded the Who's Who in American colleges and universities as well as Buyer of the Year at Walmart Stores, she is also a member of the Emerging Technologies Committee for Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).

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