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Infosys Biological Entity Management System

Scientists need to keep track of new biological entities such as cell lines and proteins, tag previously examined entities, and ensure they are available in sufficient quantities for research. The complexities involved in this process can delay research outcomes and pose risk of additional effort as well as underutilization of resources.

Infosys Biological Entity Management System helps define bio-entities uniquely, manage associated processes, and track inventory efficiently across the drug discovery value chain. Our system supports bio-entities with diverse attributes as well as ones with complex multi-stage processes associated with them. It enables you to:

  • Reduce the time spent on managing bio-entities, effectively select biologics, and efficiently carry out clinical validation
  • Register entities, arrange them in inventories, and maintain registry-change logs
  • Generate shareable lists, customized data views, and dynamically pre-filled reports
  • Leverage vast scientific information to gain insights and improve experimental strategies by increasing the use of computational techniques
  • Minimize errors by eliminating the conventional error-prone methods of registration and tracking through logbooks, paper, and excel sheets
  • Simplify common laboratory tasks
  • Facilitate collaborative research by sharing findings, pooling resources, and increasing asset reuse
  • Combine diverse research portfolios
  • Manage both biological and chemical entities efficiently on one system
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