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Infosys Drug Discovery Informatics

The advent of next generation sequencing has led to unparalleled growth in the data generated by the life sciences industry. This growth demands critical changes in the areas of data storage, processing, management, and analysis.

Infosys Drug Discovery Informatics platform empowers you to address these new requirements efficiently. The platform uses sophisticated bioinformatics algorithms to process life sciences data and hosts multiple in-silico models. It enables you to:

  • Combine diverse curated public data sets related to drug, disease, protein, pathway, gene expression, and sequence data
  • Add new data types and sources (subscription and private) with ease
  • Obtain different perspectives on results using various types of visualization
  • Add miscellaneous in-silico research and development workflows, and processes ranging from drug repurposing to biomarker identification and target identification using next generation sequencing data sets for complex diseases
  • Extend the flexible architecture to build new customized approaches and algorithms for diverse aspects of drug discovery
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