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Infosys iCollaborate RX

Regulatory developments and technological innovations are generating opportunities for life sciences companies to collaborate closely. To collaborate successfully, companies must overcome numerous challenges involved in standardizing terminology, tracking research activities, sharing information securely, and managing multiple tasks and schedules.

Infosys iCollaborate Rx, a validated Cloud-enabled enterprise collaboration solution, enhances collaboration in your organization by helping you to:

  • Exchange information across the value chain
  • Share vendor or partner management and reporting
  • Ensure integration across various functional areas and data sources
  • Coordinate schedules; create to-do lists and other interactive and updatable documents by using the online notebook
  • Send and receive one-to-many and one-to-one messages through the messaging system with central archiving capabilities
  • Keep your dispersed teams connected by using the additional-context online-discussion capabilities and version control of the document and data management system
  • Enable impromptu updates and discussions through real-time instant messaging
  • Facilitate exchange of ideas by using contextual search, project-specific workspaces and customizable user-control center with a library for sharing relevant links

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