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Knowledge Management for Global Functions

Today, many large and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies are consolidating their commercial operations at a global level. The success of global business function harmonization depends largely on the ability to develop robust knowledge architecture. Apart from managing knowledge and processes efficiently, it is critical to implement methods of collaboration and constant improvement.

Infosys Knowledge Management for Global Functions enables you to establish a strong knowledge-driven system to support your consolidation efforts and innovation goals. You can leverage our proprietary Value Realization Model (VRM) to prioritize benefits, maximize the return on your investment, and achieve quick results. Established technical solutions, frameworks, and patterns on commonly used platforms accelerate the implementation.

Our Knowledge Management for Global Functions enables you to:

  • Ensure successful consolidation of global functions
  • Connect global teams
  • Leverage the specialization of team members
  • Store information in a central searchable repository
  • Improve productivity and consistency through global processes
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